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Serve More Customers & Turn Tables Faster to Improve Margin

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How Quickze works?


Guest make service request from their smartphone

View menu and update order without waiting for waiter

Enter walk-in waitlist with a tap and receive in-app notifications

Settle their check from the table from the app

Front of House

Monitor and response to table-specific guest service requests

Publish menu and price change directly to the guest app

Manage waitlist and notify guests with a simple tap

No change required in the existing setup.  Waiters serve as they do today, just more efficiently


Seamlessly integrated with your existing POS

Manage orders and payments, same as today

SKU, menu, inventory, revenue centers retrieved from POS

Payment send securely from QuickZe App to the POS

Reload changes in the POS into QuickZe App with a click

Why should you care?

Responsive Service

Millennials expect digital friendly service

Capture “add-on” orders even if waiters are busy

Reduce walkouts and wait-time

Improve social ratings and provide efficient customer service

List your restaurant on QuickZe platform to attract more guests

Improved Margin

Improved customer service with faster table turns

Free-up waiters to focus on upsell and quality customer care

Allocate more staff time to service, not order entry into POS

Reduce table monitoring and service trips

Make most of the limited meal-serving window

Frictionless Experience

Error-free order entry and minimized food returns

More tips serving more customer providing quality and prompt care

Quicker table turns to improve restaurant margin

Restaurant brand awareness

Tech-friendly restaurant

POS Supported


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